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This is my, that is the composer Micaela Hoppe, homepage where most of my music is collected. Over the years I've made several pieces of music - for orchestras, for ensembles and soloists, compositions from poems etc. I write contemporary music in a tonal, romantic style... or as some people call it: classical music. The joy of composing is my strongest inspiration!


Are You looking for new compositions for Your orchestra, ensemble or choir? Perhaps an unusual combination of musicians? Are you a creative person working in film, theatre or dance, looking for a musical collaboration?


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I Solisti Veneti premiered M. Hoppe

The world famous chamber orchestra I Solisti Veneti with Lorenzo Guzzoni on clarinet with conductor maestro Claudio Scimone. 8 March they premiered Micaela Hoppes "Blue mountains shimmer in backlight" in Padova, Italy.

See program.

Watch the score directly via this link.


On the YouTube-link below you can hear the version for string quartet and clarinet, recorded in 2013.


(eng. Land of the Unknown)

"In the ancient hand-drawn maps the name Terra incognita was used for areas, that were still unexplored and unknown country. Similarly, each human has their own map, and their own seeking. A journey that begins in the known and goes further out into the unknown."

OKÄNT LAND is made in close cooperation with the filmmaker Evelyn Frankel. The art installation has recieved allowance from Region Värmland as an innovatory project. The installation will be on tour in Värmland, organized in cooperation with Konstfrämjandet Värmland.


- Dantes Divina Commedia are beeing composed right now in an inspiring cooperation with the violinist /composer Lars Audun Hadland. A recording is underway in the studio at Musikhögskolan Ingesund (college of music).


- A cooperation with the coreographer Kristina Kleinert.


- Some other inspiring projects.

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